This changes EVERYTHING

or changes hardly anything, parsing subtleties like this are not my forte. But look, production aluminum bmx cranks in square taper 110 bolt circle available in 5mm increments from 115mm length to 180mm.

SINZ tiny BMX cranks

115mm length!
Better yet? They retail for something like 50 bucks. I think I need to buy a couple pairs to stock for some sort of future Aida bike. 115mm production cranks is kind of mind blowing. They also have isis cranks that start at 135mm. Good stuff!


Fred Blasdel said...

Oh my god I love you!

I need a cheap 110mm BCD crank for my path racer that's being repurposed as a cross bike to ride in the SSCXWC -- I was going to use some TA cranks I had, but in trying to mount them I realized that I'd wear out the tapers swapping rings for road vs. dirt, and that chainline would be a bitch with bigger rings (especially the 46t criterium-pattern one I wanted to use).

These are perfect, and I've been meaning to try 180mm cranks for a while now.

Have you figured out what the right spindle length is for a 42mm outer chainline?

Andrew said...

Oh man... I was about to shorten some old Deore XTs for Annika's new 20" wheeled road bike... Which I still might, because those Sinz are some fugly-ass cranks, but still... 5mm increments! What is this, 1950's France?

Tarik Saleh said...


Moscaline loves the hell out of you too. I do know nothing about the quality, but they look worth a try.

Let me know how they work out, send pics if you get the bike built up so I can post it for blog fodder. Best to you and family.