Sign of the Spectral Cyclist

10 degrees and snowing lightly on the way into work. 6 degrees and blowing riding from meeting to meeting to lunch at noon. 3 degrees and snowing and blowing hard on the way home. I damn near evaporated, evidence:

Sign of the spectral cyclist

update 2/2/11
Ok, it was -4F with shining sun this AM on the way in and -7 and dropping on the way home tonight. I think the -7F is the new Tarik record for cold bike riding. I am pretty sure I have done a couple of really sucky commutes as an undergrad in boston, but I don't think I ever rode that far below 0F. I am pretty sure I have gone for runs much colder than that. Regardless, last nights 3 degrees and snowing and blowing hurt much more than tonight's -7F. I think we are on the way to lower than -10. We will see. Good night for ashly pond riding. If I were not so damn lazy. Maybe tomorrow am.

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Chad said...

My simpleton analysis. It's easy to lie when all a doper has to say is 'I took no drugs'. Very hard to lie when telling a very long story with many other specifics (people,places, dates) involved.

Thus, I agree with you that Floyd is likely telling [much of/mostly] the truth.