Floyds beans full on spilt

Great interview between Paul Kimmage and Floyd Landis. Read it all at NYVelocity:
http://nyvelocity.com/content/interviews/2011/landiskimmage. It is also at Velonews but they have a nasty habit of changing their links every few years, so I usually don't link to them anymore, but it is here anyway as NYvelocity gets blocked from work and may have been crashed due to traffic for a while after posting the full interview. I am not a huge Paul Kimmage fan as I think his journalism is completely lost in his quest to out doping, but he is exactly in his element in this one.

The most notable thing to me is that Floyd admits testosterone patch use (floydtosterone lives!) and blood packing, but STILL denies that he should have been caught at the tour for testosterone. Read the interview. This is a bit weird, but maybe he is still trying to avoid getting some sort of perjury charge. Who knows. This is his excuse for spending tons of time and his money and others money trying to clear his name. The positive made no sense to him and the lab work was sloppy thus he should be cleared. I sort of am with him. Sort of. My big problem with the UCI and the testing system has often been how nontransparent and apparently sloppy it is. It really bugs me that they do not have this shit AIRTIGHT and unassailable, not only then, but still. It also bothers me that they (UCI and testing labs) leak tons of information to the press. Finally it bugs me that the UCI has never offered amnesty to riders in exchange for useful doping info, I think we would have heard a whole lot of this kind of story by now if they had been less idiotic. I guess they cut Dilucca's sentence down to 1 year based on turning people in, but I don't think we have heard any details yet. Much of this is also covered in the interview. Did you read the whole thing yet? Good stuff, no?

Floyd has no credibility as he spent a huge amount of time lying about being caught. But I believe he is mostly truthful now. Read the whole interview and if you think he is still lying, fine, but it is hard for me to believe he is just making stuff up at this point. I think his current story will be mostly vindicated over the coming years, much like Jesus Manzano (my doping hero) has been. (and Jose Cansenco too).

Anyhow, I am waiting for someone else with not much to loose to come out with a similar tell all. Tyler, I am looking at you buddy.

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cyclotourist said...

Here's a working link to NYVelocity.

Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah, my fingers were apparently too fat. I will contact my local internet service provide for a typing wand. Fixed i think, thanks.

cyclotourist said...

Glad to be of service.


Lee said...

Does the Moscaline Corp. synthesize floydtosterone and if so, when will it be available on the market? Let me know if you need help setting up the bacterial factory to produce this wonder. Also, if I do end up contributing, can I finally be recognized as a member of the TS bicycle club?

lemmiwinks said...

That was a very interesting interview! I bagged Landis for doping then denying it and said he and any other dopers don't deserve a second chance.

After reading that interview I feel a little bit for the guy though. Doesn't excuse the doping, but it sounds like his life is in the shitter. Then again, you pays your money and you takes your choices.

Still, I now have > 0 respect for him (not that I would expect him to give a crap one way or the other.)

Desert Dirt said...

Landis' interview confirms to me all I've ever believed to be true about elite level racing. I can't say I respect him less for the confession since it seems clear to me that all riders/teams use drugs as part of their training. That ship sailed at least 20yrs ago if not more. I'm not so forgiving of Lance since the defense of his legacy includes trying to smear and sue anyone who lofts allegations his way. Shameless. Still the best tour rider of his generation though, stood on the podium in Paris as an American. I can respect the hell out of that.

nordic_68 said...

Thanks very much for posting this TS. i no longer harbor any illusions about the purity of pro cycling. Sounds like it's a level playing field, except for those few who don't dope.

And yes, the TdF will still be great to watch!

Apis said...

I may be taking a different tack on doping in sport. Lemme 'splain after commenting on Floyd & Floytosterone®.

I was a huge Floyd fan, much as I am currently a fan of Big George. Maybe it's the domestique thing-I don't know. The facts that he won the Tour (amongst presumably loads of other enhanced riders), and got caught (IMO b/c he was associated with Lance at one point) do not make me admire him any less.

My different tack: They are all using. Especially the "chosen" riders for each team, and likely many of the domestiques. The amount of training they do during their brief off-season almost mandates it in order to recover. For this reason I don't see that anyone that has won has done so with any sort of unfair advantage. Not using can be seen as a disadvantage, which is potentially how the managers convince these kids to begin in the first place.

UCI needs to implement the biological passport or STFU.