Join The Tarik Saleh Bike Club

As you may have read before, I have a bike club. Due to somewhat overwhelming requests, I came up with some rules and printed up a whole mess of buttons. I want this to be as inclusive as possible so here are the rules:
1. Ride Bikes
2. Try not to be an ass

Join the Tarik Saleh bike club
That's it. So if you can do that, you can join, if you want the pin you can surf over to tariksaleh.com/tsbc/ for details on how to order.

If you live in los alamos and want to join, email me and we will figure something out.

If you see me at races normally, talk to me, I should have some with me.

If you hate paypal, email me, we will figure something out.

I endorse the barter system, your clubs pin or patch is a nice trade, but email me and we will figure something out.

If you can't abide the rules, you can apply for exceptions (like I should really get a bike, in place of rule one, and try not to be SUCH an ass, for rule two). Like I said, this is an inclusive club that wants to encourage you to ride bikes and to try not to be an ass. It is not too hard.

I am really happy this all seems to have worked out. Big thanks to Mr. Jalopy for somehow starting this. It is all his fault.

Join the Tarik Saleh bike club


Unknown said...

I like the titanium buttons. How much do they weigh?

Lee said...

I succumbed to the peer pressure and ordered one from Kent's store. I'm hoping I can swap out the needle mount and affix it with twine. Looking forward to the 1st annual TSBC ride.

lemmiwinks said...

Is this compatible with my curmudgeonly outlook and steel frames with threaded headsets? Should I wait for next years colours? How about a drillium or carbon fibre model? Can I use it at UCI sanctioned events? Is it compliant with UCI rules regarding aerodynamic aids? SPD compatible or Look? Is it considered doping to harness the awesome power of this badge?

gmoney said...

Thanks for the pins! Zoo crew proudly wearing them at work! Ed is glad he only has to TRY to not be an ass! Look for Team Ed headtube badges soon.

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Honorable sir, my $5 PayPalment should be winging its way to you as we speak/type. Since I already fly Kent's Mountain Turtle flag in white-button form, I had to go silver.

My palmares, you ask? Well, I rode a bike today. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't an ass. Just glad you didn't include an Epic Moustache requirement, as I would fail miserably.

Tarik Saleh said...

Metax, rides like steel!


It is secret like Cancellara's motor. So yes, UCI legal.

You are welcome, y'all are a buncha good fuckers. That was almost rule 2...

I am contractually prohibited from epic mustaches now, so no such rule was instituted.

Welcome aboard all.
i look forward to the HT badge

Adrienne Johnson said...

I think i may need one of these! I could be wrong and in fact need something completely different (a job comes to mind : ). However, I will go with my instincts and order away. If on doing so and placing it on my saddle bag with my other blogger pins I find that I am being harassed in any way, we may have a problem.

MAPLE LEAF said...

I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.

Groucho Marx

Pugsleymike said...

Thank you for the prestigious honor of membership in your elite club.

Anonymous said...


Would you consider releasing your Club Rules to the community under the GNU license? The basic framework you've defined is rock solid, and promulgated through evolving social networks, could aptly serve as the lodestone element for a plethora of regional clubs.

You've done a fine thing.

-Frank in Seattle

jnyyz said...

Hey Tarik:

as the first foreign member, I really appreciate all the stamps that you put on that envelope.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Thank you!! As soon as I can get it together, I will take many pictures of your pin on my bicycle with the others that have been sent to me over the years!

I love being in a club : )