Ubikequitous 9, the Airport MacAskill

There I am waiting for my mignight luggage to come out at baggage claim when I hear a very familiar song, that Jezabels song from the Danny MacAskill video. I look around, and sure enough there is Danny flipping around on the flatscreen above the baggage carousel. Somewhat hilariously they have recut the "way back home" video so it shows only tricks and all out of order, presumably to catch the gnattish attention of the jaded traveler. Thing was, it was working. As I scanned the crowd, half the people were watching the video, and people were talking excitedly about it. I was overwhelmed with bikey pride, then I collected my luggage (including my folding bike) and spend 40 bucks on a taxi to get to my hotel.

Here is the original, watch it again and again and again...