Apricots and the Spectral Child

The apricots are in full bloom again, Started 3/26

Full on apricot bloomage

We usually have at least one hard freeze and a snowstorm when the apricot flowers are in bloom, small chance of snow on sunday, so we shall see if we can set the fruit before the flowers are destroyed.

The apricots flowers make nice cuttings and attract the spectral child, haunting the realm of the shutter lag.

The spectral child


Desert Dirt said...

Funny to see your photos - I was out in the yard early this morning taking very similar photos of our trees. It's been two years. I'd forgotten what a sight it can be. The specters have yet to appear but I will be waiting for them.

Ray said...

The apricot blooms smell nice too, yes? I loves me the crabapple blooms.

Tarik Saleh said...

Desert Dirt,
you may get them specters yet.

Yep they are outlandishly fragrant. The snow pretty much put paid to them, but I think we had enough time for fruit to set. We shall see soon enough.