Snowy Spring Conditions

Got a little sticky last night on the commute home:

Yearly photo of Apricot flowers covered in snow:

Safety glasses to keep the snow from sticking to your eyeballs

This is why I usually keep the studded tires on the bike until mid april. Alas, I took them off a few days ago. Fortunately the pugsley is incapable of being rendered useless in snow and will ride me to work this still snowing morning.


John Speare said...

O2 saves the day again. Say what you will about its durability. And I've said aplenty. But that little wadded up pile of papery plastic has kept the heat in for me on a handful of critical occasions. To the O2!

Tarik Saleh said...

Yep! The predicted rain did not materialize, instead lots of cold wet snow. I was undergloved and underhatted for the conditions, but the O2 jacket proved most warm and waterproof. Not the first time it has bailed me out at all.

GRR! said...

I like the fragile O2 as well.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Which O2 is this that you likee?

Tarik Saleh said...

I think I just have the cheapest O2 rainshield jacket they sell. Maybe 20 bucks each, they last a few years before they tear and fray, but they pack pretty tiny and are very light and actually sort of breathe, so they are nice for a bailout tucked in the work bag. This is probably my third or fourth one.