Alive and Former Trees

As promised, in the continuing wood gathering series:

Scored a ponderosa pine youth from the landscaper across the neighborhood. Ferried it home in the pouring rain and muddy trails. Planted it on the outskirts of the .18 acre homestead.

Alive wood this time.

A big burl that dropped off a ponderosa and blocked a neighborhood path. Aida and I cleared the path and fastened the rest to the chariot for the burning.


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Wood Hauling


fatbob29r said...

I'm guessing the spare wheel I see on the back of the Chariot, is for use when using it as a stroller?

Tarik Saleh said...

Yep, although, we probably have not brought the stroller arms with us in more than 3 years...

ssportsman said...

I hope the Spawn isn't under that ponderosa burl

Tarik Saleh said...

Oh she was under there all right. The chariot pictured has a "cross country cargo rack" accessory on it. After looking at the chariot web page, it is possible that I may have violated the 5 lb limit on that accessory, I did not weigh the tree part though... I think I have carried much heavier quantities of groceries up there in the past above said child. Next time she will have to share the passenger compartment with the burl...