Road Finds of the Week

Good week for road finds:

Road Finds this week

That is, from top, a kids hunting arrow, some chrome-vanadium pnuematic sockets and a Stanley slashy knife. The arrow was found last weekend up in crested butte just off a trailhead. The sockets were found Saturday morning on the way out (3) and the way back(2 more) from a mountain bike ride here in town. The knife was found at a roadside nature break somewhere between crested butte and gunnison.

Road Finds this week

This is probably road find utility knife number 7 or 8 in my life. They were all craftsmans initially, but now with the decline of sears and the ascendance of big box stores they are all stanleys. The sockets were a nice treat. They are black coated, so they were sort of hard to recognize initially, but I realized what they were and found three next to each other quickly. I did not see any others, but thought, where there are three, there is bound to be more. I found the two big ones on the way back scattered across a bit of road. I am sure there were more, but they may have fell in the gutter, or been found by others. I will check again on my way to work.

I found the arrow just off a trailhead in Crested Butte. Appeared to have been shot there, been sitting for a while, buried except for the yellow feathers at the end. ICS hunter junior edition, limit 40lbs. Can't say I am a big fan of finding arrows on or near trails.

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