Tarik Saleh Bike Club 100 Challenge Wrap up

I think we had 17 total people participate and most self reporting an achievement, which is about 3 times the number I expected. I would guess about 6 or 7 people did the full 100, most everyone rode more than they would have otherwise. I was going to list everyone and how many miles, etc, but decided that doing so would more or less be counter the aims of the inclusivity of the challenge. If you participated and met one of the three achievements, and would like a pin for doing so, please email me what you did to earn it, and your address, tas at tariksaleh dot com. If you want to have a public reckoning of your achievements, please leave em in the comments.

Mr.J, MikeR, StevenS, JohnL, your pin is in the mail, JerryM if you ever ride to work, i will leave a pin on your bike. I am hugely pleased that so many people decided to take part, I certainly will do it again next year and also will certainly announce it a bit earlier. It will help get me off my butt and blog a bit more too. Anyhow, may you all have a great 2013, and ride bikes, and try not to be asses.

Super flipsy tiny bike riding on the last day of the challenge


Jerry said...

I'll be riding to work a few days this week now that we are seeing more than single digit temps in the morning. I've been leaving my bike in the rack by the street recently since I personally rearranged it so the are has a little better protection from cars. I may come visit at your office if I get the chance.


Khal said...

We were out of town for much of the break, so the 100 challenge was not an option. Actually rode to work the day the temperature outside the house was four deg F. My balaclava resulted in my glasses freezing over from exhalation. Then my headlight died on the way home, possibly from frostbite?