Day 8, Tarik Saleh Bike Club 100 Challenge

Got up early and snuck out for a little coffee ride on my Mom's bike again. It was actually just below 40 and I had neglected my gloves. Epic suffering ensued. I basically looped around Goleta and stopped and got coffee at a shop in a stripmall.

The suffering...
Pink biking

The shop had a steady streams of contractors coming in for their morning fix, I watched most of them check out the pink folding bike. I then rode over toward campus and checkout out the excellent bike repair stands with attached tools and pump.

Rolling on the flowery pink Dahon - at a UCSB bike repair stand

And the wonderful views across the acres of bike parking attached to some of the larger student housing blocks.
Bike parking with the million dollar view.

Also spied this chevoid mid restoration

I got a solid 6.5 miles in which put me at 101.5 for the week. Hurrah! I did it, rode everyday and hit 100 for the week, and certainly rode much more than I usually would have! The total count for me was 11.5 on the single speed Pugsley in snow in Los Alamos, 17 on my Mom's 3 speed folding bike and 73 on the fixie friday. No deraillers were involved in the challenge for me.
I think there were 14 or 15 participants in the end. I am going to let you all self select on whether you achieved any or all of the three parts of the challenge. Remember though, the bar is low intentionally, so even if you did not do what you wanted to, you probably did ride more than normal this week, right? Please email me what you did and your mailing address and I will get a pin or two out to you. If you already have some pins and don't need any more that is fine too. Los Alamos Jerry, I will leave one on your bike at work. I will try to collate a summary of everyone by this weekend...

The family and I left Santa Barbara late in the afternoon, got delayed in pheonix airport for a bit and then made it back to Albuquerque around 10:30. We drove up home in light to heavy snow and increasingly snow packed roads and got back just before 1am in the new year. Huzzah, happy new year on the road!
Pheonix Airport had bathrooms for everyone
Special restroom @ PHX

So happy new year everyone and I will almost certainly try this again next year!


Andy D. said...

I end the challenge with approximately 45 miles. However, my objective was option number 2, for which I rode every day from 12/25 to today. All of my rides were on a geared Necro Pug.

Thanks for putting this challenge together, Tarik. It was the perfect sort of non-competitive, loosely-structured, self-administered ride that I can handle. Bravo to you and your planning efforts. I look forward to similar events in the future.

All the best to you and yours.

adam in toronto said...

Unfortunately it snowed a fair bit last week so I didn't even manage to ride my bike a bit more than usual, not because I mind riding in snow but I was XC skiing instead. Oh well, maybe next year.

Tarik Saleh said...

Great job on the daily pugsing with the family, hit me with your address if you want the pin. That was exactly in line with the challenge.

No problem, next time!

Anyone else reading, get me your address if you achieved any or all of the challenges and I will get a pin out to you!