Days 6 and 7, Tarik Saleh Bike Club 100 Challenge

Day 6 was busy with measly riding right at the end. I started with fresh fish market and farmers market buying of stuff for a combined family birthday party.

Vermilion Rockfish, got it and eated it
Then we eated it...

Then some shopping and walking around downtown with the wife. Saw a plating shop on state street, right downtown, looks like they do lots of bike parts. Joes plating on lower state:

Plating of sundries...

And snapped a photo of this old welding shop sign, and grills!

And grills...

Did some massive and fun eating of scallops, thresher shark, rockfish, crab legs and such and then went home with the family. Nearly did not ride, but my wife needed some stuff from the store, so I lit out at night for a 7 mile round trip to the supermarket. These days, most if not nearly all my rides are utilitarian, usually replacing a car trip. Going to work, going to the store, getting some take out, going to the PO. Many longer rides are just taking the long way (or the super long way) on an errand. This was my first utilitarian trip of the week, might be the only one, I have nothing against riding for riding sake, but I have not really had time to do this much in the last couple years, so big thanks to my wife and family for indulging me this week. The 7 miles put me at 74 for the week.

Day seven started with my brother and mom and I shepparding the kids on a ride around campus. The cousins on big kid bikes, Aida on a way too small balance bike, the adults on foot. It was great fun and Aida went much further than ever before on a balance bike.

Cousins... Balance bike instruction

Later in the afternoon I road the long low route to the harbor and met the family for a walk through the marina and dinner.

A bike rack air station on campus
Air station

Good car action
El Camino with a dingy in the back and a bus with a chow in it.

the Friday fits well in old style bike racks
20" wheels work great on old school bike racks

After dinner my Brother, his wife, Elena and I went to see the Hobbit. It was pretty good. Not brilliant, but worth watching. My bro and I started with some severe conversation, then transitioned to the dream world of middle earth and stuff
Deep in conversation
I put in a total of 21 miles on the day, which puts me at 95 for the week. The last day is a travel day, but I should be able to sneak a 5 mile short ride in in the morning to get the 100 on the week, barely. I am not convinced I will make it home before midnight to get any riding in Los Alamos before the new year, but any which way I am satisfied with the week.

Seems like we have a bunch more participants, Scott from Spokane, Mindful Mule, and SeanM. That takes it to about 13 participants, plus 14 for me. Awesome. Or as my brother says, who are all these people again? CycloTourist seems to be trying to say he is DNF as he is sick, but I am not sure if it is possible to DNF the challenge. He put a nice comment in with a SB bike trailer pic. I accidentally deleted it, but here is his photo:

Santa Barbara Bike Culture

For some reason the comments have been coming through in bunches and doubles, let me know if your comment never appeared or some such.


Mauricio Babilonia said...

Okay, so:

29th: 13-mile easy sojourn on the railtrail and snowmo trail with Stevie that didn't go 20-some miles, but we'll take it; and

30th: 55-mile gutstomping training ride for Triple D that included city path, railtrail, snowmo trail and a recreational path with a really questionable plowing job, plus some singletrack and a sled hill. Still no husky on the menu, as I find Curiak Dough far more palatable.

31st: Shameless layabout.

So, I think I cleaned this one by virtue of having the time on my hands and the added motivation of an apparent challenge. Already have a pin, thanks (and by the by, we've adopted your bylaws for our biker gang) so I thank you for the extra push out the door and look forward to the next one.

Jerry said...

Finished mine off yesterday, the 30th. I was planning on 32 Sunday and the final 10 today, but the weather was not cooperating. We got about 3 inches of snow last night. Anyway, the 42 Saturday were hard earned on a cold, cloudy, humid day in Los Alamos. I rode the first 22 with my friend, Rich. He decided he had enough of the cold and did not want to do a long ride. I continued out on North and Barranca Mesas and bagged the last 20 needed for the challenge.


cyclotourist said...

TSBC, I can't quit you!

I did manage to make it down stairs and swap wheels on my kid's bike so he could ride. That got me coughing and hacking and light-headed real nice-like.

Today's agenda: complete watching Star Wars Machete order!

Sean McCarthy said...

Got in a cold and very wet 6 miles Saturday, 27+ very cold and fairly wet miles Sunday, and 11 sunny So Cal miles running errands today to wrap up the challenge with 102 total miles. Looking forward to receiving the biggest cycling award of my career as a result. Thanks again for doing this. Bike would definitely have taken most of two weeks off along with me if I hadn't seen this.

Tarik Saleh said...

mo Babo,
Well done indeed.

Jerry, nice job indeed

no one can quit the TSBC,

Sean, Nice job indeed, get me your address and I will get the pin out!