All the france photos

OK, I finally got all the photos from the france trip up online, some 250 photos mostly of bikes and the like. So if you want to see the hordes surf on over to:
Paris Bikes
Dijon Bikes
and then, if you are hungry or thirsty, you might like:
French Eats
all the photos under the umbrella:
France trip

Anyhoo, here are some appetizers of my somewhat obsessive streetside bike photography:

Lots of good 650b stuff seen all over.


zoovegroover said...

Did you or could you have brought any cool 650b tires back w/ you?

Ray said...


Oh, I bet Peugeot was mad at them for that label. Okay... now I have a good idea for colors my future porteur, except mine will be a racy 700c one. Or 590? I think I have time to change my mind!

Tarik Saleh said...

I did not, it was possibly possible, but the good shops in Paris are off the beaten track. I did investigate getting 650B tires at the Carrefour (walmartish store) last year. See here for the report.


What? I am pretty sure Helium was a subsidiary of Peugeot. I think it had a peugeot lion on the seat tube, you can see it in this picture when you look at the big size.

Ray said...

I did see that Lion on the headbadge, but later.

I did not realize there was a branding hierarchy, or a badge-engineering sales strategy with Peugeot.

I like Helium as a brand name.
And... another great chainguard.

I see a lot of lights on fenders but not too many bottle-generators. Lamp stayed put and gnerator got yanked off when it failed?