Hey Ricco

Hey Ricardo Ricco,

What the fuck?



Maureen said...

well I must say I couldn't stand this kid from the word go--all I need to know about him was revealed when he said his idol was Pantani. enough said for me! Not surprised and not sad to see him go.

cyclofiend said...

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

the guy has always been an ass to the press and even his fans.

first thing i thought when i saw the guy stand up and dance away from some of the best riders in the world like they were 8 year olds was this guy's doping. guess i was right. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Anonymous said...

better yet, eat shit and fucking DIE. I hope you OD too.

David said...

What a douche. I guess that's douchee in Italian?

flahute said...

Whaddya expect from a guy named Richie Rich?

Cody G. said...

Wow. Guilty until proven innocent 'round here, huh? I have little faith in the tests the AFLD are using, and some folks, like Michel Audran, are giving voice to those concerns. No doubt there are pros doping, but you can't start condemning people when tests are unreliable.

And, guilty or not -- so what if he's a jerk? He's not out there to be a sweetheart; his job is to make money for the sponsors.

Tarik Saleh said...


Thanks for all the comments folks. I think Cody, in theory you are right, withold judgment until the test results are finalized, etc. But my guess is we will never see him or pipoli again, ever. I am guessing with the way their team withdrew instantly that ricco/pipolli were caught with the goods red handed like.

I think it is positive that he was caught for some drug that the riders probably thought was untestable. I only hope the drug testing agencies have fixed some of their problems so this does not turn into another Floyd debacle.

I still think he is a wanker. And boonen too. They should have known better in the current environment.