I went and returned and utterly failed to rent the Velib bikes.

but I figured out the similar system in Dijon. woo. Much more to follow


Marrock said...

I find it an interesting coincidence that both you and Bike Snob NYC leave around the same time and come back on the same day.

This bears investigating.

omar said...

That's our bus! The 21! did you at least ride the 21?

Chris said...

I like your photography. It teaches us to see through your eyes.

I gather in some ways you like France.

I wish I could show you the 1982 silver Peugeot aerodynamic centennial edition bike I used to have. It wasn't a pro's bike, only an amateur's bike, that cost $400, but it looked like more money and it was pretty. I gave it to my ex-boyfriend. I'm sure he gave it away. He gives everything away. I tried to find a photo of it online but I couldn't.