The invisible elk

Sometimes on my way to work I ride through a little grassy wash at the tip of a canyon where mule deer nest for the night. I often startle them as I ride over the ill defined trail and head up the other side of the canyon.

Yesterday I was clanking along when I felt a large presence rise along side me. I cleared the rocky bit and looked up the trail to see a huge bull elk with a giant rack of antlers staring down the trail at me. We kind of stood there for some minutes as time contracted and I started to try to figure out my options if mr elk decided to walk over me.

It occurred to me that this possibly was blog gold, either with a photo or a story of getting trampled not 100 feet from a major road, so I fished out my cell phone to snap a grainy pic of the majestic beast. As I reached into my bike saddle bag for the phone, the elk slowly turned and trotted up the trail.

I followed quickly wielding the phonecam ahead of me to snap at will and spotted the beast standing 20 feet off the trail, again looking right at me.

I snapped a photo and a few moments later the elk tired of the game and trotted back up the canyon. Here is my evidence:

Go ahead, click on the image for flickr and view it big.

So somewhere above there is an elk. A big one, with big antlers. I swear. It is, if I rely on my imperfect memory, facing the camera. I am guessing it is either on the left under the sun, or on the right in the dense trees, but it should be there. I can't find it though. Maybe it is only visible to people with polarized sunglasses? Maybe only I can see it?

It is not too common to see elk in or near town at this time of year, in fact, this is the first elk I have seen below 8000 feet since 2003. Just my luck that it turned out to be an invisible one. Maybe a predator elk newly arrived from a distant star to hunt humans?


Antoine said...

Ease up on the mescaline Moscaline.

(It's hiding up a tree)

Marrock said...

Man, you gotta stay hydrated...

Too long without fluids and you start hallucinating.

ALBERT said...

the long ray of sunshine is passing through the left antler.

Cody G. said...

Oh my god! I see it!! And, now that I've seen it, I can't not see it.

Thanks, Albert.