Some more garage sale goodies

To wrap up the fairly successful garage sale season a few thingies over the last couple of months:

Boston Lead pointer, 50 cents,
My favorite thing when I pretended to study architecture as an undergrad was lead holders. I have dreamed of owning a nice lead pointer for a while and was thrilled beyond belief when Elena picked this pucky out of an acre of chintzy crap and asked me what it was:

Vulture that I am, I asked the propritress who was selling off a deceased relatives possesions if there was a box of funny pencils to go with it. Alas, no luck. The box this came in is great. It touts ""More speed -
Gets the desired point faster". I have to admit that I never even knew that speed was an issue for a lead pointer. But I am really glad I have the fast one.

The "my buddy" tackle box. 2 bucks.

The trek that will fit elena probably, No bucks. Heh.

Saved from the dump essentially as it needs "alot of work".
I think that means I have a small miata six-ten to sell...

All of the 2008 season's scores here


Mark Bishop said...

Woo Hoo! More blog gold!

P.S. I have seizures when I have to spell the "word verification" on blogspot.

Tarik Saleh said...

Crap mark. First shoulder surgery and then captcha image induced seizures and you are not even 30 yet? Man, that colorado life is wearing on you.

Marrock said...

I love those old lead holders, back when I was taking drafting and machine shop in high school.

I used to carry a couple lead holders with me, one of which had, instead of the lead, a titanium spike I made in machine shop...

You know, "just in case".

My old high school was a rather tense place at the best of times and I wasn't taking any chances.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

What a coinkydink—I pretended to study Architorture as an undergrad too! Love the finish on that pointer, btw...I have a stapler with the same.

Anonymous said...

Cool pencil sharpener! I've seen these before and never considered that someone might collect them. The first time I saw an electric eraser I laughed until I saw it used to erase a long line. Checkout the free online garage sale I bet you'll find some more cool stuff.

Ray said...

Elena has good garage sale skills.
Does she pray to Garajesus (sp?) or is she just blessed in that regard?

Or do you just live in a Garden of Eden?

Too bad you don't need a head pointer.
Wait... are you pointy-headed or an egghead? Are they the same or not?
You of all people should be able to provide clarification, no?

The Trek score reminds me that I need to spend some time in the morning stalking the local thrift stores now that I have time. It's a shame to not use my bicycle assessor's skills to work.

Keep thee well... and I hope you get another chance at an elk.