When I was 5

A trip to the pediatrician on monday excavated a long dormant memory. I was a young man of five playing at a friends house. Just as my mother came to pick me up, a chunk of Fisher Price Plastic was removed from the toy closet and playing commenced. Just long enough for me to realize I was in the presence of the greatest toy I had ever seen. The cow went moo when you pressed the lever! Then, just as the holy grail of plastic crap revealed itself, it was time to go. I had a complete meltdown. I can remember how upset I was when I was unable to play with this toy, I think inconsolable, crying so hard I was probably incoherent. Thirty one odd years later, as we waited for the pediatrician to administer shots to our baby, I looked at the toy basket and saw this:

Angels wept, horns sounded, heavenly glow emanated. There it was. The cow barn thing. The source of a dredged memory meltdown. The lever even sort of worked. It blurps "Mo". Joy joy.

It is much smaller than I remember it.


Maureen said...

I love Fisher Price toys!

Mark Bishop said...

This, my friend, is pure blog gold! Thank you for being you and having that meltdown 31 some odd years ago.

Jason Nunemaker: said...

Tarik, if I'm doing the math right, we're about the same age. You think the one pictured jogged a memory? Try this.

Retro Fisher Price Farm action! Just like the one that my grandma kept at her house for me to play with when I was a mere towheaded tyke of 5.

I only wish the site had audio. That "moo" would really take me back.

Tarik Saleh said...

Mo and Mark,
Glad you enjoyed it.

Ah the barn and the little people. I think I had another pal with the barn at some point, I remember the second floor rooster. No associated meltdown though...

Marrock said...

Mine was one of these: http://tinyurl.com/4smmb8

Even when I'd find it in the attic or hall closet every couple of years, it'd still find time spent with it.

That one got played with till every last sticker was worn off it.

I think it even stood in for the death star once or twice back in the day.