We learned that Aida does not enjoy the unwrapping of presents. It is too loud. Maybe next year.
Aida and the twin Cypress of the holiday season:

On an somewhat related note, I came across this on Alabama Studio Style. Furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping with cloth:

See the blog post here and a huge pdf from a the japanese ministry of the environment here. Reminds me of getting a box of cannolis wrapped in string, but more reusable like.


Mark Bishop said...

Aida seems to be displaying the remnants of her pirate face. "Yargh matey! I wish I could sit up meself, Alas, the black arm of the all mighty holds me in the balance. Yargh!"

Fxdwhl said...

ours eats the paper and helps daddy type blog comments. you got acutey there as well!

Cody G. said...

I like to imagine adults with the proportions of babies, including knuckle dimples.

Somehow not as cute as that little Aida there.

Tarik Saleh said...

Yes the black arm of balance is a large force in the life of young Aida.

Thanks, I think we have a few months before paper eating commences.

I always imagine that as infants, adults look like their current head perched on a tubby baby body. It is kind of fun to imagine and relatively easy to photoshop, fortunately real babies are much cuter...

Andrew said...

Maybe nobody will see this, but if you like Japanese wrapping you should check out How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging -- a long OOP classic just recently made available.