Good omen for the Garage Sale season

Garage sale season is a fair weather sport in these parts, but despite the high winds, subfreezing temperatures and flurries, the first few garage sales of the year happened today. The first two were useless, but the third was a treasure trove. On the first visit, we got this for 10 bucks:

click the picture to go over to an annotated photo on flickr. But yes, there are two etch-a-sketches, two viewmaster viewers and a whole bunch of books that I had as a kid. It was great. When Elena and I were going through the booty after we returned we realized there were more books that we probably wanted and the price was right and it was only two blocks away. So after a couple of breakfast burritos we walked back down there and bought 15 more books and this treasure:

this may have come with a plane as well, but it was well populated with little people and there even was one piece of luggage for the luggage cart. The rotors on the helicopter work and the radar still rotates mostly:

Now we bought all this for Aida, but she is a bit young for most of it, but she already took a liking to some of the delicious new books:

After talking with the sellers we learned they had kids born about 5 years after Elena and I, hence the similarity in what they were selling and what we had/wanted as a child. It turned out they had the very much coveted Fisher Price Barn, garage and some other sets that were not for sale waiting for grandchildren's visits. Can't win them all, but we did pretty darn well today...


Maureen said...

Great garage sale finds-- very impressive stuff! I am jealous of that FP set. My parents kept all of my books, so we have those for Teagan, but they totally sold all of my toys in garage sales! So I have none of that stuff to give her. :(

Dinka said...

OMG! what is that Gerald Durrel book in the first loot shot? I've only read Russian translation of his stuff but usually he is amazing, hilarious and generally awesome! Would be great to see something in English - was horrified to find out no one seems to know of him in this country.