Darn Kids

Scene 1: Friday play group.
I take Aida to playgroup in the park on Friday while Elena is getting her hair cut. After a while I am sort of supervising Aida and a gaggle of bigger girls who are playing a complicated bird-cat-mouse-nest run-like-mad game. Aida likes the run around part, but she appears to be slightly likely to be trampled by older girls, so I hover a bit. As I am hovering the two oldest girls (5?) look at me suspiciously and have the following conversation:
1. Is that your dad?
2. No! My dad is at work.
1. So is my dad. He has stuff to do!

So there you go.

Scene 2: Saturday riding the purple schwinn while towing asleep baby in the chariot.
I ride up to a furninture sale at the masonic lodge's parking lot. A grade school kid rides up to me on his Next, 20" wheeled dual suspension bike. Conversation ensues:
Kid: Hi
Me: Hello.
Kid: Your bike is pink.
Me: Uh, well, it is actually purple, I think...
Kid: Is it your mom's?

Chrome chainguard

Anyhow. I will be here all week.


lemmiwinks said...

Heh! :-D

louis said...

Beats the heck out of being Blackberry/iPhone Dad at the park. I always want to whack that guy with an over-sized foam #1 hand.

Jill said...

Stifled guffaws -- Clara had just fallen asleep on my shoulder when I read this.

Chad said...

Those are fantastic stories. Bike looks pink from here.

ALBERT said...

park the little barbie bike i gave you next to it and it will look more purple ;)

cyclotourist said...

Your mom has cool taste in bikes.