Floyd Landis is...

Jesus Manzano? Or just plain Crazy?
NYT article where floyd spills the beans

I guess he is probably telling the truth. As I have stated in the past, I think the majority of the peloton was doped to the gills in the late nineties and early to mid oughts. But maintaining you are innocent and writing a book about how innocent you are and then recanting like this is not the best credibility move. I wish he did this immediately upon getting caught. I can't wait for his next book. I hope he calls it Floydtosterone and then is forced to pay me royalties for using the phrase.

Remember Manzano as the guy who detailed every little bit of the doping calvacade at Kelme, was tarred as crazy by everyone in cycling up to the head of UCI, but it turned out in the end he was almost completely vindicated by subsequent scandals including Operation Puerto and the continued attempt to ban Valverde. See previous writing by me on Manzano, doping hero. Please note the list of substances he claims to have ingested for doping purposes. Awesome.

I also wonder if we are in for a bandwagon confession from Tyler Hamilton.

Note, regardless of doping, the Giro and Tour de California are pretty interesting this year. Check em out.


Mauricio Babilonia said...

You should be proud. I read the NYT piece and then wondered whether TS had anything to say on the subject...and sure 'nuf!

Mark Bishop said...

this is some pretty good racing! I've almost come full circle and don't care if they are doping since you can make up 10' again in a grand tour just b/c of miscommunication and a weakened team. maybe they are just doped to the dorsal fin at this point, but the racing is better and me likey!

Tarik Saleh said...

Thanks for coming to the finest source news on doping and cats and bicycles and combinations of the above. Guaranteed!

Holy Crap! Bishop!
You are on the internets still!
I agree. I think if they take away the race radios this will make racing at least as entertaining as this. Also more dirt roads in the grand tours. Finally, every time the leaders jersey is held for more than two days, you must loose one teammate. 4 days = 2 teammates. Etc...

gpickle said...

I want more details / rumors about moto-doping, or whatever they are calling it. Little motors in the bike tubes for everyone!

I used to believe that Indurain was some hi-tech mad-scientist grad student thesis (think android bike racer created in a creepy lab in somebody's attic) and after he won the Tour it was all supposed to be revealed to the phd committee but then he realized the money was better winning the tour than being a certified smarty-pant so he kept quiet but then Indurain gained self awareness and I was going to keep going and write some unbelievable stuff about doping and bike racing but then I thought back over some of the sadder moments of the Floyd saga and some of it is really murky stuff like his father in law killing himself, the divorce, the LeMond blackmail (which was really beyond creepy...) and all the other crazy twists and turns of this two wheeled circus and I just think I could never write anything more unbelievable than Floyd himself has already lived.

None of us will ever know what really went on, but one thing is for sure, his handling of this mess has been pitiful from start til now and it all just makes me sad.

But as you say, the racing has been great this year!

Tarik Saleh said...

I knew the robot bike revolution was coming, but not so soon. Also, I think you are almost definitely right about Indurain. But go tiny skinny bike men go!