A few of my favorite things

Block chain on skip tooth ring

Someday I will find THE bike for these things. Until then, sitting in the parts bin awaiting their mate. I think I got them 11 years ago. TA skip tooth ring and regina block chain.


Scott Loveless said...

Dang. Over at the co-op there's an ancient Firestone that's mostly rust with a skip tooth ring and an inflexible chain.

Tarik Saleh said...

This is high end trackie stuff, no cruisers for these. I would just try to clean and de rust the firestone and maybe get a clean but used skip tooth chain on ebay for the firestone.I live the skip tooth cruisers and have one and a bunch o parts for it and future ones, but these are waiting for a 1950's paramont track bike or something like that.

Scott Loveless said...

Good luck finding your Paramount. If they have 2, keep me in mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tarik, was looking at the "Ride Your Bike" poster on the bedroom wall this moring.... perhaps this is a chainring included in that poster?

j eavey
chesapeake va

Tarik Saleh said...

J. Eavey,

That was a skip tooth cruiser chainring. This one looks like a TA chainring with skip teeth. The post6er had one of these: