Thank you Tyler.

And so it comes full circle. I think all my doping posts started with the initial Tyler Hamilton doping bust in 2006. I have always been a big Tyler Hamilton fan, but have never believed his innocence. Big thanks to Tyler Hamilton for finally spilling his beans. Watch the video preview for a 60 minutes feature this coming week:

That is some fairly unambiguous stuff. I need to watch the full video, they sure cut to a grimacing Tyler often for a 1 minute clip. I don't think he is a particularly credible witness what with the 5 years of denial and ruining himself defending his "honor". But I don't think people just make things up when they come clean, especially multiple years of chronic doping. Lance-y-pants is on the highway to vast conspiracyville at this point. Floyd and Tyler had millions of dollars of incentive to lie when caught doping. Not sure what all encompassing conspiracy would give them the incentive to lie now. I am sure we will start to hear more first hand doping reports come out in the next year. Lanceipants should have retired for real the first time. I think the whole Federal case against armstrong (and Barry Bonds) by Jeff Novitzky is a huge waste of taxpayer money, but due to the grand jury subpoenas that many riders received, there is big incentive for telling the truth. Hamilton appeared before the grand jury last year, I would suspect he started spilling beans then. There is at least one other (not yet caught for doping) US cyclist out there who reportedly provided first hand accounts of Lance doping to the grand jury. (see this Aug 2010 NYT article.

I wish Tyler came clean in 2006, but I was pretty sure that there was imminent confession coming down the pipe from Tyler, see the end of my last two Floydtosterone posts (1,2). Anyhow, I am now officially tired of the doping. My doping writing has been ongoing for 5 years. Which is a long freeking time. I do I am pretty sure we are in for some more confessions from prominent American cyclists who decide to confess and retire before getting caught, or at least confess their past doping. I welcome it all. I will still watch them tiny bike people, but I probably am not going to write about the doping no more. There are a sea of other bloggers doing a much better job at covering doping in pro cycling (boulder report is my favorite), and the mass media has been coming around to reasonably non-hysterical bordering on intelligent coverage of doping. My work is done.

So thanks Tyler, thanks for telling the truth, and thanks for setting the Moscalines free.


Rick said...

Based on his eye blinking and responses I think he is telling some form of untruth (outright lie).

nordic_68 said...

Look at the bags under TH's eyes. He's been losing sleep big time. As he was quoted online yesterday, "the floodgates are opening" or something like that...

Tarik Saleh said...

Lying about what? Do you think Lance rode clean?

Yeah, tyler looks haggard and skinny, not the "winning a HC climb skinny" either. I hope he feels better soon.

Finally, saw the whole interview just now. I think Lance is hosed. It might be very difficult to actually convict him, but I am betting they feel they have more than enough first hand reports to move ahead with the trial.

Anonymous said...

The way I sees it. When some shmoe is caught doping, he's given a single speed fixed gear to finish on and ride until he's given the all clean. ( the hills/mountains would be harsh)

there you go.
JE in VA