Holy F&$%, Doping!

It is like christmas for doping nerds like me, I keep wanting to write about it, but I can't get my head around the magnitude. Well done to Floyd Landis for really kicking this off and the USADA for seeing it through. Twice a day I check velonews and twice a day I am rewarded with even more information. Anyhow, go read for yourself, I really have nothing to add, the Reasoned Decision and even better the spectacularly entertaining/grim/depressing affidavits. If you search around a bit are some entertaining bike racing forum investigation to the names of the redacted people in the Reasoned Decision, pretty much implicates the few obvious american cyclists who did not give direct evidence in the USADA case.

I will say it again. The UCI needs to declare some sort of amnesty program so that we can get more of the scoop from more people without any fear of serious repercussions... It may have been the UCI's fault that doping was so widespread in the first place, but if I am writing about doping scandals in cycling in 10 years featuring riders who are now in their 20's, it is absolutely on the UCI. USPS had a great doping system, but it was built on the bones of the ONCE team's system and it is clear from the affadavits that many other teams were all in as well, there is much to learn from more honesty and openness.


cyclofiend said...

Sad stuff. Read Tyler's book on your recommendation. ONCE, Kelme, Mapei... pervasive.

For some slightly sick reason, the whole thing makes me think of this -

Here's to better times.

nordic_68 said...

Yeah, I was wondering when you'd pipe up and say something. The deluge of daily news and revelations is breathtaking - and exciting. Prudhomme said it best when he suggested that there be no winners re-assigned for the TdF for those 7 years. He called it the "lost decade" of cycling. It's almost perverse how much of a thrill it is to finally hear the truth about all that crap...

Vik said...

Amazing stuff!