Lots of things from last week

Scored yet another arrow (number 4 or 5?) and whole pile of marking flags.

Road scores

Arrow found right at the intestine and diamond on the lab side. I imagine someone realized they were heading to work with some weapons and jettisoned them out the window. Alas it had been run over, it now is carbon trash. Flags found in bike lane on canyon. Picked em up mostly so they did not become pokey wires in the bike lane.

Aida and Wink256 took a chariot ride around the block. Wink did not freak. Aida might be a bit happy

Wink is her copilot

Got even more wood. Mostly Cherry and Apple. Will need to season the living crap out of it before it goes in the fire, but it will burn for a long time. Spent about half an hour cutting it down out of a massive brush pile on the other side of the neighborhood. Pretty easy 1/2 mile ride back to the house afterwards.

Mostly cherry and apple

Cherry and Apple

Went to the opera in bandelier last saturday night. It was fun. Aida was entranced for 10 minutes and then happily played in the dirt for the rest of the hour and a half. We got to take the bus 4 times on Saturday, Aida was thrilled about this too. Click the panaroma to see on flickr.

Opera in Bandelier

Found this feller on my road bike. I thought is was a big wasp, but I think it is a black and yellow party beetle:


After studiously avoiding a smartphone for a while, I have to say, I am digging the iphone and all the photo options. I also like having the pocket GPS, I have been using Run Keeper to log walks with Aida and neighborhood cruises and I jumped on the Strava moronwagon to help log the local punishing climbs for both running and riding, helps me be a bit more rigorous in my self monitoring. I don't really care to share em, nor will I facebook spam out all my rides, but I will be making up dumb new segments for myself, as I am pretty sure there are a couple road bike rides and runs that that no one else does. The greater quality pocket cam will help on the blogging documentation probably, see gratuitous coffee picture:

The midnight oil


Andy D. said...

You certainly have a knack for naming found creatures. Materials scientist, eh? I think you're in the wrong profession.

Kid and cat look happy as clams in the trailer. Having been around cats much of my life, that expression is as close to 'elated' as I've ever seen on a feline face.

Great job on scoring the wood, too. It's been a while since I hauled home any discovered fireplace fuel. I'll have to step it up.

el viejito said...

While I don't yet have an iphone, upgraded abilities in the doppio picture department are always a good thing...

John Speare said...

fine looking cup o coffee there

Anonymous said...

Los Alamos, right?

I'll be in Los Alamos tomorrow. Actually, several of us will be skirting the area on singletrack, although we might drop into town to find the food store. If you see four cyclists with camping gear including one Pugsley, come say hi.


Tarik Saleh said...

Nicholas, we will be around sunday late and all day monday, but probably not around sunday am. Shoot me an email if you are in town. Tariksaleh. At. Gmail