Bike Friday

I got a fixie bike friday from my parents as a "thankgodheisreallydonewithschool" present. Thanks mom and dad. It is very cool. I will take better pics later this week when it goes to cali for the first time. I have been on 1 trip with it, to knoxville. And if all goes well it will hit Santa Barbara, NJ-Maine, Italy and Knoxville again in the next couple of months. Woo.

More detail on why, how and what it is specced like later, but for now look at the pics. It is less than 20 minutes from pic one to the end. About 25 minutes with both fenders on with pedals. The case weighs about 45 pounds with bike, tools, bike shoes, fenders, saddlebag etc.


Mark Bishop said...

love the new bike. I'm thinking that we need to design the suitcase so that it doubles as a trailer. shouldn't be too hard.

meade said...

I'm doing a fold and pack with fenders and 3x7 dual drive in about 20 to 25 minutes or so...they are a neat unit...

Deepak said...

Been researching for a BF, and came across your posts. nice cadence calculator, thanks. Helped me realize that even with just 87 gear inches high on a stock BF, I can hit 50kmph at 124 :-)

curious as to whether your stem is the riser adjustable stem. the one that allows you to raise/lower the bar by upto 5cm. Looks like that from the pic, and if so, wanted your opinion on it. If you lower and rasie your bar, does the part that goes in/out get very scratched like normal seatposts? Also, is there any instability felt because of the added mechanism?