Metric Roadfind

Ah, the rare yet beautiful metric roadfind.

I think I have only found 2 or 3 metric roadfinds in the past, a broken 10mm Mercedes Benz box wrench, a beautiful snap on short combo wrench in the practically-as-useless-as-english 18mm size and this:

a 15mm Stanley socket. Sort of useful for the odd 15mm crank bolt too! Found near the Aquatic center on canyon, site of many other roadfinds in los alamos, such as the superball and the right angle scale in two parts.

My tool box is filled with 3/8" sockets and combo wrenches that I have found awheel, but it is a rare bird to find a metric thingy calling your name while on the road.

More cat/bike stuff tomorrow, the new camera takes good video and macro so far so I have lots of good stuff to show you, races and rides and other.

Anyone know how to scan X-rays effectively, if so, I have a treat (not me ma, a cat.)


Mark Bishop said...

Not bad, not bad at all. But, thisis what I'm talking about.

Nathan said...

The Acer 620PT / 620ST could scan up to legal-sized transparencies (did great on some MRI images) but I couldn't get mine to work with my "new" (four years old) machine. I haven't seen another scanner that could do it. Maybe try a copy shop?

Jim G said...

I recently found an off-brand 11mm combo wrench (open end + *ratcheting* box end). Oh how I wished it was a 10mm instead!