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I really enjoy having a stat tracker on my site. I use Sitemeter as it is free, but it is limited a bit to only showing the last 100 visitors. As my readership eeks upward to about 40-50 peeps a day (mmmmmmm, 40 to 50 delicious sugar covered peeps each day..) uh, I only can review a couple of days at a time.

The tracker generally gives me location of visitor, ISP, mac or PC, Explorer v. Safari v. Firefox, pages visited, entry page, out click and my favorite, referral pages. As I dribble randomly about many topics from cats, to bikes, to drugs, to weather to other things, I get random word combinations that allow people searching for things I really don't talk about to find my site. Recent unrelated google search results that have led people to Moscaline:

"sidehack crashes" from a combination of my cat co-pilot post and my hincapie crash post
"Big Rack Chinese Girls" gets surely dissapointed web surfers to a post about bicycle racks on chinese bikes.
and my all time random favorite:
"typical profile of end user ugg boots" by someperson from austrailia, no doubt garnered from this post where I mention L.A. Ugg wearers as an american fashion oddity similar to white jacket wearing chinese women. But really, my blog has nothing to do with that, yet some guy where water is all backwards in the toilet, now has read at least a tiny bit of my blog.

Site tracking tells me, for example, if I really wanted to make money, I would figure out how to sell Trek Soho bikes as I get at least 10 hits a week for people looking for reviews of said bike because I reviewed the Trek Soho Coffee Mug. Trek peoples, send me a bike, I will review it and then we can share the profits from me being the number one google hit for your bike. See? marketing synergy awaits.

As an aside, does anyone else think "Showtime Synergy!" everytime some wannaB-school marketing hack uses the word synergy? Truly outrageous!

Ok, where was I? Erm, in conclusion, if you have a blog, get some sort of sitetracker. It makes it all worthwhile.

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