Mountain Bikey in Los Alamos


for some reason I am unmotivated to put up a race report for my 3-flat impaired single speed race in the wind besmirched Soccorro last week. So for the time being:

click for big

Thats elena and I on the mesa tip past the rodeo grounds.
Here is the hazards of biking through the burn zone:


Burnt ponderosa pines down on the trail are ubiquitous after the winds, which are frequent in the spring.

Me about to get zero air:

I can get a bit of air, but then I taco my wheels, so I usually speed hop the bumps. See me getting subliminal air in this 32MB .avi video here (anyone got any recommendations on freeware avi editors, so I can cut vids down and put in totally rocking soundtracks by Tool or Journey?). I may get a 24" bmx cruiser or some sort of Specialized P1 type jumping mbike to further explore my air-Tarik tendencies.

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