Go voles!

Did I mention I hate football. Its the nascar of team sports for fuck sake. I guess if you like Nascar, then that is not really a problem.

Anyway, i was unable to watch the haughty siberian fembot play the belgie pocket female federer live today as the local network decided that the international powerhouse "Lobos" were more ratings worthy than the haughty siberian fembot. Are the lobos even D1? Nice job there local CBS affiliate. So I sit here at damn near midnight trying to catch up on the tennis.

College football. What the crap? Why are grown men driving around New Mexico in a PT cruiser custom painted in University of Tennessee colors? Why?!? It is things like this that make me want to lie about my latest degree institution. Uh yeah, it was from, like Bob Jones U, or something. What a joke.

in front of the Los Alamos (NM) Post office

There is a game you can play when flying to Knoxville (TN). You are not allowed to look at your gate, you just wander around the terminal until you can guess which gate you are flying out of. The give away usually is the preponderance of people dressed head to toe in UT orange. Only once of 20 odd times did this not work for me.

Anyhow, I think i forgot where I was going with this. I really don't like football, and universities that sell their souls for big time football are a travesty. Go to hell UT you are getting no alumni donations from me. First you gave over the entire campus to sports, and secondly you sold my address to marketers. Go to hell.


Jon Livengood said...

wait, so your telling me you don't bleed orange?

Jon Livengood said...

btw, its vols, not voles

Tarik said...

No no, voles is funny. Vols is just stupid.

Carla said...

Where'd you get that "what the crap" thing?

Anonymous said...

youre an idiot tarik.
if youre a sissy, it doesnt mean UT has to be like you aswell.
Hook 'em
Class of 07

Tarik Saleh said...

Hook what? Voles have no horns.

Thanks for proving the point.