Road finds of the week

New England edition.

Hey boston, this is you:

Red Sox cap found in Hyannis while on a late night run. I tripped in a pot hole on a dark street and shortly thereafter I was rewarded with a relatively new red sox cap.

Cape cod girls don't need sox caps, they cover their heads with codfish crap.

Moving on...

And on the sort of not really road find department, Imagine my suprise when I unpacked my luggage upoin arrival and revealed a big tube of oilpaint in my checked luggage. Hmm, I don't use oil paint, and never travel with it. I suspect TSA tried to confiscate it from another traveler and then said traveler tried to have it put in their checked luggage. Some harried check in person then dumped it in my bag by accident. Good job airport security. There also was a random tube of handsalve as well. What a freaking joke. Thank god they did not let me through the security check with water, if I was well hydrated, the terrorists would have won.


perper said...


Not mine either.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

On the bright side, at least it wasn't a used tube of KY Jelly.