Ride in the flowers

A nice ride this morning in the remainder of the wildflowers. Lots of time to take pictures as my meagre fitness was revealed by perimeter trail today. I was epically unsmooth today. I walked much. I almost fell off small boulders. Most of the tread came off my bike shoes. I got some new ones later.

Some sort of purple lined path up into the Jemez:

click for big

A nice view of the little footyhills here in los alamos. Note the burnt trees that are a legacy of the cerro grande fires in 2000.

click for big.

another big pic of the flowers
, and some more los alamos wildflowers while riding over at scott's bolg


scott said...

nice pics Tarik

I love the flowers around here, too bad they signal the end of summer

when do you want to ride again?

scott said...

Just looked at your big flower picture. I have a nearly identical picture from the same spot (maybe in my gallery, if not on my hard drive) but mine had a Gunnar in it :D