February update

As snow is being blown with gale force winds across Los Alamos on this last day of the month, I bring you the february motion update.

The hard numbers are as follows:
6 miles run, 198 miles bike.

Not too bad, especially considering the epic winter continuing. All but thirty miles on the studded tired singlespeed mountainbike. The other thirty were on the picnica. Thus I am now at 304 miles for the year all on single speeds. All the milage was pretty much utilatarian, almost all commuting to work, which I was a 100% successful in doing this month. During the last 2 weeks the offroad commute options have started to open up, so I have been able to extend the commutes a bit longer and have a little more fun on the route. I still have quite a bit of ice on the non-road parts of the commute as well, most in the first half mile, including an exciting 100 meter stretch of snow-dammed trail that freezes into a mini skating rink stretch. I am still pretty glad to be riding the studded tires, although they are still too narrow. Are you listening Nokian?

I did go xc skiing 8 times this month, and ice skating at lunch about 6 times. Not too shabby. I am going to say that translates into at least 150 miles of bike replacement, so I will predict I will be close to 350 miles next month, as winter slowly tails off, and recreational biking replaces the ski and skating.

The running was crap, but I really don't care at this point in my life. 18 miles for the year. Wooo! One nice run at the beginning of the month, and thats it. I am sort of planning on doing a duathlon at the end of april as it is hard for me to resist races that are local and it is pretty fun, but I really need to get on the running for that to happen.

Another update in a month, stay tuned.

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