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I steal as I am too lazy to edit my own photos...

So through an elaborate system of pullies and levers I discovered that Rick Hunter or some Hunter affiliates are blogging away there in NorCal. See here. Great stuff. Rick is a really talented framebuilder and fabricator and makes very sweet fillet joints. He is a swell feller. He is also very dedicated to racing and the underground racing scene there in the greater Santa Cruz empire. Here is one of the photos from his blog from the recent County line singlespeed race. I love the photo as it could have been any underground singlespeed race in the last decade or so, and if you squint a bit, it could have been any race in santa cruz in the last 30 years:

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Gosh I miss those crustycup and santa cruz singlespeed races. I never made the county line race, but I did a few other huntercentered singelspeed extravaganzas that were just swell, really. I may dig up some old race reports when the mood strikes.

Also a nice photo of a recent custom Rick brazed up:

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Yes, here is where I get to say "kicking it old school" yet again. Please check out the stem carefully. Yarg.

So much other good stuff, like lugged stems, nice wool racing togs and drooool pseudo biplane tubey forks.

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