Gaaaaaaa twitch twitch

More photos of the Surly Big Dummy long bike have been popping up, the latest on the clever chimp blog.

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Some other good images at the surly blog, especially here.

I think I have enough bike detritus to sell that I should be able to cover this as an addition to the fleet (in addition to the other possible planned hauling bike, more later). I was in Santa Fe yesterday and stopped by the cool lbs and confirmed they can order one for us. They even called QBP to get the dope. July maybe August maybe more. OK, I can wait. I am guessing that a late summer arrival means I will have it rolling by next winters storms.

If you are confused as to the purpose of said bike, see what snaps onto the bike at Xtra Cycle and some uses of it over on sconnyboy, here and here, or just google image search xtracycle.

Glahg, dummy, drooool.

Earlier last year I was planning to get a 29'er front end from Kelly Bike's final inventory and to build my own longtail as a project, but the reality of torch storage and time balanced poorly against the announcement of the big dummy at interbike last year, so Big Dummy ahoy.


Mauricio Babilonia said...

Though you're in enough of a tizz already, you should prolly check out the preliminary specs on pages 2 and 3 of this year's Surly catalog (it's a PDF, just to warn ya.)

louisthefish said...

I read somewhere (carsRcoffins ?) that xtracycles handle kind of poorly in the snow without cargo. This makes sense given my experience with a '76 volvo wagon (spare people and dogs--sit over the rear axle please!). I wonder if you could put sand tubes on the outrigger racks of the xtracycle to help with traction.

Jim G said...

Just build it up with stingray bars and a banana seat, PLEASE!

Tarik Saleh said...


I am still waiting for someone to donate a riv to me so I can build it up sith the upsidedown drop bars and the bannana seat (I have been waiting almost 10 years for this). I don't think I will do it with the big dummy though...