The good part of last weekend

It seems that the tree stab wounds are getting smaller and the bruises are growing larger and more colorful, I even went hit a short climby singletrack loop afterwork today and I felt pretty good.

So here are some photos of the ride on down to Santa Fe on saturday.

Taken while riding, me in front of Gabriels on the frontage road with the Santa Fe ski hill and santa fe baldy in the background:

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Taken while riding, me and the rock that gives camel rock casino its name:

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Not all the taken while riding pictures came out so well, but I liked this blurry sun picture so I share:

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I enjoyed the postride eating of sandwiches and coffee with elena at the Perscription Coffee house downtown. As I arrived I noticed a woman enjoying her coffee with her large sulfur crested cockatoo. The woman was half asleep, and the bird was all the way there. And the bird was wearing a fetching red jacket. I wimped out and did not take a picture. I did not want to angrify the cockatoo as they are mean and bitey.

Here is the nice courtyard with my bike and a really nice Bob Jackson touring bike:

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A blurry picure of the touring bike, possibly belonging to one of the coffee slingers:

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See last entry for the story.


Olyfixie said...

What the hell is that Camel Rock thing? I though George Harriman (Krazy Kat) was making that stuff up.

Tarik Saleh said...

I think the head is real. I suspect the hump was built up to accentuate the camelness of the head. I will post another pic tonight of weird formations that abound here. I am not sure if it is a Harriman background or not, but it sure feels like you are walking through a coyote/roadrunner cartoon. In fact, you actually see coyotes and roadrunners often, but alas, never at the same time (so far).

certhia said...

Hi Tarik--

Glad to hear you're feeling better after the tree/shoulder interface event :-P . Sounds like the road ride/day out was pretty good.

So, here's the typical miss-the-big-picture-and-ask-about-bike-parts geek question:

On your road bike there, do you use anything to tie down that bar bag so it won't swing, or does it just hang from the two loops?

scott in c'ville va

Tarik Saleh said...


The candybar bag is just attached by the 2 leather straps. It sort of sits in a spring loaded cradle between the shift cables in front and the brake cables behind. I will try to remember to take a pic of it. It bounces a bit but does not hit the HT or swing too much. The straps sit just inboard of the tape...

certhia said...

OK--thanks. Mine doesn't have a natural cradle (dt shifters, non-aero levers...), but I guess a little swing isn't bad.