Pallet playpen

I spent a couple hours making a little playpen for the composting.

I planned to make a double pen out of 7 pallets with two swinging doors but it turns out pallets are really big and only 4 fit in the car, so a single should be more than enough. The local hardware store had some free ones. I recommend hunting around for some smaller ones if they still make 3'x3' ones.

Before I started we had a nice little snowstorm.

click for big apricot tree flowers

The apricot flowers seem OK, despite hail, rain, snow and a few 20 degree nights since the sprouted. I thought they would have all shrivelled by now, but the seem to be holding on and the bees are going crazy, so good for you apricots.

I used the "screw in as many 3" drywall screws as you can" strategy for putting the box together. It worked OK. That and 2 hinges and a latch I was the proud owner of one gigantor composting hut.

It looks like hell, but it fits in the far side of the yard and it is hard to see from the house.

click for big

It opens so I can get in and roll around in it.

And now it is starting to be filled with coffee puckys and rotty onions. Woo!


gpickle said...

that looks great! We have been using a pallet composter for almost 2 years and we are about to add a second stage bin to it, composting is fun!

Kenneth Buttercup said...

I'd add some leaf litter if you have any around there.
And don't forget to give it a drink of water now and then.

I made one out of a section of 1-inch chainlink fencing I found on trash day which worked great.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Woohoo! Welcome to the C/N gang!