March update

Here is the March motion update.
280 miles biking, a big 10 running.
100% commuting.
I was able to ice skate once on the 1st of the month, which was the last day the rink was open this year. Three cross country skiing days as well, before it all got mooshy.

I will, next month, post some sort of bar graph or some such showing the different bike tallies on the year, but this month is still pretty boring, almost all the Jan/Feb mileage was on the mountain bike. So for this month 28 miles on the one speed mtb in the first week of march, then I had a bad day where I noticed that the fork was cracked and I managed to shred the rear studded tire and had to walk two miles home. Bad day. Anyway, I ticked off about 100 miles each on the road and fixie, 50 or so on the breeze.

The yearly mileage is up to 584.

Yearly run milage is a comical 28. The forcast is crappy for the duathlon, I may just do the "little boy" wimpy one, rather than the outrageously for the early season "fat man" one. Or I might just go race the mtb somewhere else. Bah. Run.

I was a bit lazier than anticipated on the weekends, but overall pretty good year thus far. Much of the milage was commuting, but now that the time has changed I have been hitting a few stretch out the commute home rides. A few nice road rides on the weekend. Yay bike. I anticipate a 400 mile month this month as I panic and over train for the mtb and other races at the end of april. Stay tuned.

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