Hipster Fixie!

Conversation in a local los alamos coffee shop last month:

Student (noticing my spd shoes): what kind of bike do
you ride?
Me (quickly sizing up the skinny hipster student): Uh, I am on my fixie today
Student: Cool! I just got a fixie!
Me: Does it have neon green deepV rims?
Student: No, orange!

All of this is an excuse to link over to bike snob nyc who dissects the most egregious examples of hipster fixies. I think more bikes is good bikes, but top tube pads? Come on...

Anyhow, good stuff over there.
I will attempt to redesign the blog soonish, but there are a few blogs I have been enjoying lately, so as a way of book marking them for later, check out the following if you have not before:
Rick Hunter framebuilder/tall/fast guy in norcal.
Belgian knee warmers pro cycling commentary
Curt Goodrich frame builder up there in minesota
Ira Ryan frame builder up there in portland.
Flahute has had some nice doping coverage of late.
Stay out of Trees or bike iowa, biking in iowa but not in the trees.


Wenmei said...

This has nothing to do with hipster fixies, top tube thingies, or good bikey blogs, but I just wanted to let you know (officially) that I'm preggers. Due about 10 days before you turn 35. And I won't let my blog turn into a "mommy blog". At least, not moreso than it already is (featuring Cowboy). :)

Wenmei said...

Like how I announce it on your blog instead of mine? I'm kinda shy that way.

1SpeedBrian said...

I had never seen the Bike Snob NYC blog. It had me laughing out loud for an hour at least. Several of the other links were great as well. I was pulling for Rick Hunter in the GDR, he would have been the first to complete the race on a bike built by the racer and that just takes it to the next level in my book.

gpickle said...

I am still waiting for my organic rubber trees to reach maturity so I can harvest them and with the silk thread I have been spinning from the hard working worms we keep in the basement manufacture tubular tyre molds from the bones of my ancestors so that I can ride a frame I built myself on tyres I made myself. The ultimate level of racing, if you will...

thanks for linking my humble blog, Tarik!