Hip deep in bikes

Oh the bikes are coming along.

Kogswell P/R is done and riding

On and off road

and well loaded

Big dummy is sort of getting built

Project X arrived clad in a frame mumu. No mere frame bag here!

excellent front dropouts on X


Anonymous said...

We want X! We want X! We want X! Yer such a tease.

Phil R.

Marrock said...

Recently I acquired a 30 year old Peugeot that's going to be restored over the summer and what's come to be called, around here, a half a bike.


It's not something I'd have gone out and bought but when you can get $400 worth of something for free, you say yes.

Marrock said...

By the way...

What's that shifter arrangement you're using in the second pic?

It looks interesting.

Marrock said...

Ok, third pic...

That first one didn't load the first time I was here.

Tarik Saleh said...

Soon, really, I will unveil it.

cool that the halfabike arrived I look forward to seeing your impressions. It looks like fun at least..

The shifty bits are shimano 8 speed barend shifters mounted on paul thumbies which are essentially shifter bosses mounted to bar clamps, so you can mount dt or barends wher thumb shifters once would go. They are pretty slick.