Its rolling!

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In fact it is accessorized and has carried people, beer and tequila! More pics soon!

It is awesome!

Ah, more pics is now!


Antoine said...

Awesome machine, nice to see it up and rolling.
But the grips... what's up with the grips? Are you colour-blind man!!!

Cody G. said...

Exciting use of monochromatics!

Tarik Saleh said...

I am either colorblind or there were only one set of grips in the grip box. Look at my socks and you may find that it is a bit of both.

Thanks, I am aways pleased to excite.

gpickle said...

I think the grips color can be explained by looking at that saddle pillar!

Looks like you and that bike are going to be fast friends Tarik. I would love to have an Xtracycle mostly for the passenger capacity date potential and Cody and I saw one being put to that purpose just today and we both said "awwwww..." as we pedaled past the happy couple but we have a cargo bike and its broken to boot so we have not the space for another big bike.

Sure does look fun.

Mauricio Babilonia said...


You win.