Road find of the week, BRICK!

updated 4/20 6pm, see below
Now that I am rolling my Kogswell PR more often and my Big dummy is really almost there, everything looks like a road find. So far I have brought home a split log and this:

My rules are that they need to be in the street or on the sidewalk, not in a yard.


Hah, just after posting the above I found this creepy lego dude while running up near Mountain school.

Once I saw a little lego dude head a ways up the trail in the berkeley hills, but when I got to it, I found it sticking out of a giant dog pile. Heh.


Marrock said...

Last friday I found a woodland camo hot weather BDU cap.

There was a name written in it but it showed absolutely no signs of having been worn at all.

There's a National Guard armory about a mile away so I guess it may have blown out of one of their trucks or something.

Unfortunately it was way too small for me but it was a perfect fit for my girlfriend, so she got a new hat out of the bargain and I scored a few points with her, so it's all good.

Maureen said...

where is his lego hair-do?!

Tarik Saleh said...


Where exactly do you live? Toms River?

I think little lego dude is sporting the smooth pate with the goatee look that is Oh so popular among professional wrestlers and soldiers of fortune.

Mark Bishop said...

Dude, I founds me some chocolate covered cherries on the ride home the other day. I'll 'pit' thems up against yer brick any day o' the week. Besides, I still gots me a jacket that I still wear and a gift certificate to 'whole paycheck' that I done spent. Keep lookin' through dog poo.

Tarik Saleh said...


You mean the jacket and the gift card you found back when you USED to blog? I barely remember...