The Garagesus is good.

In the back of the 5 dollar wheeless dual burley trailer:

Lay a hidden tool kit filled with goodies:

Next to it lay a newspaper basket for 2 buckeroonies

And in that was the ultimate garage sale score for $1.

Seriously, I was getting ready to slip the neighborhood paperboy a 20 spot to "lose" his paper bag in my direction. But now I got a virtually new one for a buck.

Elena also got damn near unused gogo's, adam ant, and clash records...

All for 13 bucks. The only thing that would have been better, would have been a folded up $5 dollar bill in the hidden tool kit. But gragesus was good to me today, really good. The heliomatic tool was such a funny bonus...

The same house had a pretty nice looking red lugged Ti-Raleigh team pro frame in about my size hanging from the wall, I inquired, the wife wanted to sell it as "its been hanging there for years", but the husband was taking a nap and I did not want any part of spiriting a loved bike away from a sleeping owner even with the complicity of his wife.


Schorsch said...

You, sir, live in the Valhala of garage sale Vikings. I, on the other hand, have had my fill of somebody's grandparents chatchkes and overpriced broken coffemakers.

Dan said...

You know that Helicomatic tool also functions as a bottle opener?

Good times!

Tarik Saleh said...

You should check out the garage sale reports on Dinosaurs and Robots and Coco's variety. Los angeles is actually garage sale valhalla, I just had a good day.

I am pretty sure I have NEVER used a heliomatic tool for anything but opening beers.

Omar said...

ummm...wuzza heliomatic tool?

Me said...

Nice stylez pointz on the Paper Toss... now, try one through the legs, on a fixie, while skid-stopping uphill.



Antoine said...

Now that you've had time to think about how nice that Raleigh would look in YOUR garage and you know what time of the day this guy sleeps, I think you need to pay his wife another visit ;-)

Ray said...

I'm glad to know you can monitor Los Alamos properly attired. The pockets are for what? Rain gear and food and beverages for the long hours on sentry duty?

Chain tool, Y-wrench AND a Helicomatic bottle opener? Good deal!

Go back for the Raleigh.
No. Really. Go get it and let it roll beneath a human being again before it gets hung on a wall.

Praise Garagesus!

Tarik Saleh said...

Heliomatic tool:

well the damn kids in town seem to be able to ride miles fully loaded with paper on NEXT dual suspension bikes, so any fixie shenanigans pale in loaded mileage on the 45 pound ill repaired walmart boingers.

Antoine, Ray,
You realize that I have more bikes than I can possibly ride at one time or even in one day, right? Well if I go get this bike unbenownst to the owner I am just setting myself up for some karmic loss of some bike I love in 10 years while I am sleeping...
And I fear it would upset Gragesus. So no way...

Ray said...

No, get it beknownst to the ownst!