Industrious Bees

Local neighborhood bees are repairing a Ducati as well as making honey. Good little bees.

We have a small hive on the backside of our property as of late last night. I hope that they yield honey, are good neighbors and quickly learn to build up schwinn cruisers for me. We are excited about the new residents and hope they live long and prosper. Bees for change!

Elena and I have talked about doing this for a long time but we probably never would have gotten around actually keeping them. Our neighbor was perturbed about the dearth of pollinators for her apple trees this year. It turns out that said neigbor works with a keeper who wanted a hive up here on the mesa and she volunteered us to host them as we have a couple of bee friendly spots in the back corner of our property adjacent to hers, so Win-win. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two without being responsible for the little fellers. The Bees seem really mellow as advertised and did not seemed perturbed by the initial onslaught of curious cats.

Our bee guests under the big lilac:


gpickle said...

Good news Tarik, I hope your cats learn quickly which end of the bee is the friendly one!

BH said...

What about the Ducati? It looks like a fun project if you ever get the time.

Tarik Saleh said...

I think they learned that the bees are not to be eaten.


not my ducati, it belongs to the bees down the street. They also own a pile of at least 20 lawnmowers. Silly bees.

BH said...

Dem's some lucky bees.