What can I do on the big dummy?

I was riding to work a few days ago (on project X) and ran into Local fast Guy Warren. He asked for more big dummy photos. At moscaline, readers are among our top priorities®, so here you go buddy:
15x 1 gallon pots of raspberry plants

Staging the raspberries

Elena and I off to dinner

Me and the wife redux

40lbs cat litter AND two shovel handles

Taking the box in which it arrived to the recyling

Typical load? 30 lbs catfood, 15lbs coffee grounds and two quesadillas...

Me, my road bike and my gear 9 miles and ~1000 feet (altitude, upward) home from the duathalon

The babybluebicycle team trying out the BD

And finally, life of the party give everyone a ride time, photos thanks to dina:

6'5" guy

Pregnant People

Rear Grab

Happy to have voted

Yee haw...

Side Saddle

Pretty hair sunvisor wife!

I can't pretend that the bike is perfect, and I will have a Big Dummy expose soon, but overall I am really really happy with it. It is much better for me than the alternatives in the same price range or less, and I did not have to build it myself, which is what it outcompeted... The bottom line is that it rides more like a real bike when loaded with more than a real bike can carry and still ride right. Dig?


1SpeedBrian said...

Looking forward to the Big Dummy Expose. I’m hoping to build a Dummy if they are ever available again.

Mauricio Babilonia said...


1SB—more Big Dummies supposedly will be available in August/September according to the Surlyblog

byron said...

Tarik, any chance you could follow up with a brief BD expose? I'm mulling a purchase and would be curious to hear now to that you have a few years experience with the bike. Thanks!

Tarik Saleh said...


I can probably get to that at some point, I will hack something up for next week. Bottom line is that I still love it, I think it really rides like a mountain bike off road (wheelbase and high center propensity aside), but that it could be stiffer still if the V-racks were built in and triangulated to the frame. Otherwise it is pretty damn good. I get that they wanted to use existing xtracycle components, but it cost them some loading capacity. I would seriously consider an extracycle edgerunner if I was in the market right now:

I would also look at the yuba mundo and the kona ute and the miniute. i have not tried either other than around the block tests, I get the impression that they would not be as fun off road as the big dummy, but they may be better when loaded up all the way, but I am not sure...

Byron said...

Thanks Tarik! Exactly what I was wondering about the triangulation of the V-racks. Seems like the BD looses some capacity in the name of versatility, though I'm a big fan of Surly stuff after riding a XC and several forks.

The Mundo is a close second but was pretty low-spec until their most recent frame, which seems to be improving. I suppose their are trade-offs either way.

Tarik Saleh said...

I ride my Big Dummy off road all the time, athat would probably be a deciding point for that versus other ones for me. If you have not browsed my BD tagged posts, I have done a lot of hauling: