Screw you June

I have been working early since I got back from vacation trying to get some things done. It had been warm early in the week and I have been enjoying the cool early morning ride in. The weather got a bit chilly last night with some thunderstorms blowing in. I got up early this morning to the patter of rain on the window and distant thunder claps. I got ready to go, put on a rain jacket over shorts and a Tshirt and saddled up the befendered breeze and pedaled on into the cold drizzle. The really cold drizzle. About a half mile into my commute to work I noted the rain was blowing horizontally across my path. As I crossed the bridge over the canyon I noted the rain was falling slowly and was unusually white. As I sat at the interminable light to cross into work I had to admit that it was actually snowing. Dammit. As I pulled into work I the storm broke over the mountains for a bit revealing thin snow cover above 8500 feet. Dammit.

I am fully aware of and, in fact, embrace the vagaries of weather here in the mountains of New Mexico. You can break it down to two precipitation seasons, that which there could be snow and that where you should be careful not to get caught in a hailstorm. I would say October to April are firm snow months, and June through August are definite watch for hail months. May and September are transition periods. But June? June is when you start to get hailed on dammit, not snow. And it was definitely snowing this morning. So screw you June, thanks for nothing.


carrie said...

hahahhaa...we've seen our rain/snow up here in colorado, but today and this weekend is suppose to be gorgeous!

Wenmei said...

come visit in seattle and enjoy our lovely june weather: rain, wind and highs in the low 50s. yay, summer!

ALBERT said...

hey if you don't like the weather in los alamos, just wait 20 minutes...:)