Cold and rain and rain and cold.

Well, it dropped about 30 degrees overnight hovering just above freezing this am and we got a bunch more rain as at least two thunderstorms moved in last night. Most ceiling leaks are still there. Mosca kept me company working on a presentation until 2 am last night and then she woke me to let me know there was a thunderstorm and the roof was leaking at 5am. Thanks kitty! At least I do not oversleep anymore. Maybe some more snowy mountain photos tomorrow. For now, uh, here is the fall harvest from the property:

The apple tree had an insane number of apples this year. Small and sweet, delicious with sharp cheddar. I need to get the rest off today or tomorrow before they freeze. One of the front yard pear trees had two pears. One fell off, so I panicked and picked the other, it proved to be very very unripe. Too bad.

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Alison said...

Wow, I can't believe it is colder there than here. You are in the SW and I am in the NE. We actually had a string of very odd, un-fall-like weather. 76 degrees, 90% humidity, and raining. Now it has gotten cooler but still not below 50 degrees.