When the clouds cleared this am they revealed a snowline at about 8000 feet or so over Los Alamos. Almost snow in town. I have high hopes for the mythical ski trails open by thanksgiving this year. It was darn near snowing at the house last night with a light rain filled with heavy drops bordering on slush. It looked and smelled like snow, but was a few small degrees away. I awoke with visions of a snow day dancing in my head, but alas, no luck.

In other news the ugly giant stray siamese tomcat was back in the yard this AM. Perhaps the only other cat in the valley as clever as mosca. I had high hopes that a coyote finally ate it, but no. It was actually asleep in mosca's refuge spot in the cat car (an old car with a warm pile of old jackets in the back). The nerve. This is the cat that sprays the front door, eats mosca's food and drives her to the roof to hide. I am a bit sceptical that mosca can still get in the car, so I am closing the window in the car for the time being. Mosca has been not spending any time outside at all as it has been chilly and wet. I chased the ugly siamese away in a fusillade of rocks, but I know it will be back. Grrrr.

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