Supermodel kitty

Many people ask what mosca is sick with and what she needs to be medicated with. (Many = more than one). So the short story is that she has some sort of non-complex heart disease which may or may not be exacerbated by hyperthyroidism. This messes up her metabolism, her heart rate and could cause all sorts of as yet unseen complications, the meds keep all this in check. I believe that she is feeling noticeably better and is a bit fatter since medication started. I need to give her a pill and a small amount of liquid medicine every day. Here is her pill:

Very Kate Moss, no?
It is really half a pill, but she does not like taking it any more than a full one. She is really good at holding in her mouth for tens of seconds and pretending to swallow and then, as soon as she is free of you, she can shoot the pill across the room.
What skill! What panache! What a pain!
We have come to an agreement that she will not claw me anymore if I acknowledge that she hates getting the pill and let her make me frustrated. Occasional hiding the pill in wet food works fine, but she turns her nose up at food occasionally so usually we go for the pop the mouth open and cram technique. Reminds me of my favorite pre-meal grace:

Bless the meat
Damn the skin
Open Wide
and Cram it in

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Susan said...

Supermodels and world champion dirtrollers never take having pills crammed down their throat well. Why do you think we left for France?